Increase the speed of your business by utilizing TSTT’s network.
TSTT offers a broad range of networking solutions at speeds that ensures you have
connectivity when and where you need it.

Connectivity you need the moment you need it

Metro-E Local and
International Networking

To get the edge in todays digital world, its essential that businesses have a flexible, cost-effective and reliable IP-based network for all your communications needs. Our MPLS network is build on the latest software defined (SDN) technology which incorporates an inherent self-healing topology to ensure that our network can support your business.

Your network and connectivity to the outside world are now more important than ever, you need to ensure your communications can adapt and
grow as your business needs change.

Discover how we can help you up the pace of your business !

Networking Solutions

TSTT partners with international vendors to provide a wide range of switches, routers and security solutions to meet your requirements.
We offer professional and internationally certified expertise in network design and implementation as well as structured cabling through a cadre of in-house certified technicians and engineers.