Keep an eye on what’s precious to you! Customers with bmobile Security Alarm Monitoring understand the importance of feeling safe and protected knowing that we will monitor their business with either Police Response or Rapid Response, for your convenience.
Additionally, with our CCTV solutions, we’ve got our eyes on you, literally! Our solutions are customized to suit your specific needs!

Stay Safe

Vigilance Alarm Monitoring

At Vigilance we have a comprehensive network of dedicated Alarm Monitoring Centers backed by highly trained professionals operating powerful state of the art equipment. Trust us to help deter trouble in and around your home and business and provide you and your family with assurance and peace of mind.

Stay Safe

Electronic Security Solutions

Electronic Security Solutions allow you to protect your business facilities from video monitoring to access control and asset management we have solutions to fit all budgets and requirements. Speak to our pre-sales engineers on new Post-Covid enhancement to our CCTV platform, we now have systems capable of identifying if someone has a mask on, or if they have sanitised their hands